Fighting Sexual Harassment, general meetings, and much more!

The League has big plans.

Fighting sexual harassment.
Allying with international artists.
Advocacy trainings.
Economic impact studies.
Expanding our subsidized rehearsal space program.
Passing legislation.

And much more...

Get Involved!

First Monthly Meeting:
January 22nd, 7-9:30PM
Signature Theater Cafe
480 W 42nd St (2nd Floor)
New York, NY 10036

2017 was an active year for the League! We led advocacy and community board trainings across the city, campaigned for dozens of city council candidates, won our first-ever grants, and stood in solidarity with the #resist movement.


But we can't do it alone! We're an all-volunteer organzation and we rely on the passion and energy of our volunteers to do the work.

In 2018 our resolution is to be an even more transparent and inclusive organization. Learn how you can get involved below!

Take our Sexual Harassment Survey

Fighting sexual harassment is going to need systemic change in every sector, including Independent Theater. As part of developing new processes for protecting theatermakers and ensuring a safe working environment, we've partnered with Rachel Dart's Let Us Work Project to gather specific data on sexual harassment in Indie Theater, and what happens next.

We'll take this data, gather community input, and work towards defining standard guidelines and processes to give theatermakers the tools to work safely. (Want to be involved? Join our next general meeting!) 


Join us at our new General Meetings

As part of our commitment to transparency, we're going to have monthly League meetings, open to the public. Every month on the 3rd Monday of the month, we'll meet to updates our members on our work and strategize going forward.

It's the best way to get involved! Our first new General Meeting will be: 

January 22nd, 7-9:30PM
Signature Theater Cafe
480 W 42nd St (2nd Floor)
New York, NY 10036