The League was formed to unify the voices and protect the interests of those who work and enjoy independent theater across the five boroughs. Please join us here

The League of Independent Theater is a 501(c) 6 non-profit advocacy organization for the creators and practitioners of independent theater in New York City.

Current Projects

  • Developing a anti-sexual harassment toolkit for Independent Theater.

  • Expanding our Subsidized Rehearsal Space and Artist-School Exchange programs.

  • Developing internal racial equity practices.

  • Promoting legislation (CitySpaces) to allow artists to access city-owned property.

  • Distributing an Artist-Activist Action Newsletter. (Want to get it? Join now!)


Politics, Research, Outreach

  • Drafts a performing arts platform of tangible proposals for legislation for the benefit of the indie theater community

  • Hosts an forum to endorse candidates for office who commit to these proposals

  • Mobilizes and empowers indie theater activists to advocate in their community


Real Estate

  • Offers a subsidized rehearsal space program, where members can rehearse in large underutilized commercial spaces.

  • Offers an artist-school exchange program, where members can rehearse in New York City public schools in return for providing workshops to students.


Codes & Contracts

  • Advocates for substantive and meaningful union codes and contracts with Actors’ Equity Association to respond to the 21st-Century needs of the indie theater territory.

  • Investigates alternative codes for the protection of the entire indie community.


Green and Sustainable Practices

  • Promotes community resources for sustainable production

  • Works to create investment in green and sustainable practices for the community


Foreign Language and International Artist

  • Promotes the interests of international and multilingual artists and companies

  • Promotes community resources for immigration, translation, and transcription

  • Investigatse solutions for easing the burden of the visa process