The Application for the Subsidized Rehearsal Space is now open.
Applications are due on February 27th, and you will hear back by March 3rd.

The following dates and times are available:

SATURDAY, APRIL 112noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, APRIL 28:45AM – 1:45PM
SUNDAY, APRIL 98:45AM – 1:45PM
SATURDAY, APRIL 1512noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, APRIL 168:45AM – 1:45PM
SATURDAY, APRIL 2212noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, APRIL 238:45AM – 1:45PM
SATURDAY, APRIL 2912noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, APRIL 308:45AM – 1:45PM

SATURDAY, MAY 612noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, MAY 78:45AM – 1:45PM
SATURDAY, MAY 1312noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, MAY 148:45AM – 1:45PM
SATURDAY, MAY 27  12noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, MAY 288:45AM – 1:45PM

SATURDAY, JUNE 312noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, JUNE 48:45AM – 1:45PM
SATURDAY, JUNE 1012noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, JUNE 118:45AM – 1:45PM
SATURDAY, JUNE 1712noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, JUNE 188:45AM – 1:45PM
SATURDAY, JUNE 2412noon – 5:00PM
SUNDAY, JUNE 258:45AM – 1:45PM

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