Performing Arts Platform 2013

The following is the Performing Arts Platform as presented
during the 2013 Citywide Election


As a pro-performing arts elected official, I will work to:

1.    Create access to low-cost and/or no-cost Community Facilities Spaces that are currently available and remain unused throughout the City through the creation of a Community Facilities Space Database.

2.    Create access to empty and unused City property to be re-purposed as temporary rehearsal, office and (if appropriate), performance space.

3.    Include non-profit performance venues in the favorable electricity and utility rates enjoyed by religious institutions and the VFW.

4.    Implement a proposal that would reduce or eliminate property tax assessments for those non-profit organizations that have an artistic mission and/or rent performance space to similar non-profit performing arts groups with artistic missions of their own. This proposal was unanimously ratified by all twelve (12) Manhattan Community Boards.

5.    Secure affordable permanent low-cost housing for working artists.  In addition, work to provide access to affordable healthcare for these artists, depending on the status and reach of the Affordable Care Act at the time of negotiations.

6.    Support the commission of an economic impact study for the independent theater territory.

7.    Work with the Department of Cultural Affairs to expand the Cultural Institutions Group to include the independent theater sector’s anchor venues.

8.    Install plaques at sites of historical import and rename streets after the founders of the independent and Off-Off Broadway community.

Want to move the platform forward?

The platform above was drafted by the Politics, Research, and Outreach working group.