LIT Participates in National Voter Registration Day

First observed in 2012, National Voter Registration Day is celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of September. This year, it happens on Sept. 24, 2019. The League of Independent Theater, under the guidance of Aimee Todoroff and Robby Gonyo, is participating in this event. We’ll have two tables: one is located near Astor Place, and the other is at the courtyard of the MCC Theater Space, 511 West 52nd Street, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

If you or someone you know needs to register to vote, please come by the MCC location. We’ll have printed voter registration forms for folks to fill, which can also be used to change your party affiliation or your address.

Plus info on other great things such as…

Ranked Choice Voting

One of the Charter Revision proposals that will be on the ballot for NYC voters this November is an option to add Ranked Choice Voting for city-wide races. This is an exciting potential change to how we pick our city-wide elected officials, but it’s a new concept to many people. We’ll have information to help you understand just what this change could mean.

Early Voting

While Ranked Choice Voting is on the ballot in November (so it’s not definite yet), something that IS definite starting THIS YEAR is Early Voting! New York State has now made it possible for people to vote starting 9 days before Election Day at certain locations. We think this is a great change, especially for theatre people who may have rehearsals, performances, auditions, jobs, or other scheduling difficulties.

Becoming a Poll Worker

The Board of Elections is always looking for new people to work at the polls—and we think it’s a great opportunity for our fellow theatre artists. It’s a low-commitment gig, it’s working to protect democracy, and it pays! We’ll have info on what the process is like, and how you can apply!

Deepest thanks to our volunteers: Paul Bedard, Kristin Cantwell, Rachel Dart, Avery Deutsch, Debby Karpel, Katharine McLeod, Montserrat Mendez, Rob Neill, Barry Rowell, Michael Lewis Smith, and Kathleen Warnock.

The preservation of democracy requires active participation. Please join us for this special day!